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Climbing Frames with Slide

It's time to invest in high quality outdoor equipment like a climbing frame with a slide, and get the kids out to play. There's no doubt that children benefit significantly from having an accessible playground for overall health, but this can sometimes be a challenge for parents, especially when technology is the biggest competitor.

Science is clear about the benefits of outdoor play for kids. Setting up a climbing frame in your back garden can help improve motor skills, lowers BMI, helps sharpen their minds, and bolsters their immune system.

It also helps children have greater self-awareness and respect for others, develop better communication skills and build healthier relationships with their peers. 

Why Choose a Climbing Frame With a Slide? 

Kids are wired to climb as part of their developmental process. It's all about little bodies craving challenge, control, strength, balance, or just plain thrills. So if you're trying to upgrade your home playground, consider getting our climbing frame with slide.

The tall frame itself is exciting for any child, but with a slide, they get twice the fun climbing to the top and swooshing right back down. Climbing frames used to be as basic as monkey bars, but with creativity coupled with technology, they have evolved impressively over the years.

Nowadays, you'll find them with added options and features, like swings, nets, ladders, platforms and climbing walls. Not only are climbing frames with slides some of the smartest options you can get for playground equipment, but they'll love 'em too!

Buyer's Guide for a Climbing Frame with Slide

Climbing frames with a slide are great for your kids' health and wellness, but not all of them are created equal. Before buying one, take time to consider the following essentials to ensure you're getting your money's worth and, more importantly, your kids are safe.

Climbing Frame Surround Clearance

It's important to provide an allowance of 1.5 to 2 meters around the frames. This gives everyone space to move and prevents accidents. Install the frames reasonably far from ledges or walls, and remember that the ground should be level and covered with a shock-absorbent mat, if not grass. Make sure you have enough garden space before planning your new play area.

Climbing Frame Materials

Regardless of your budget, you're probably better off knowing which materials are the strongest and most durable outdoors. Plastic is for young kids, but only if it's fire-resistant and UV-treated (so the colour sticks to the plastic instead of your child's hands). 

Caring for Wooden Climbing Frame

Metal and wood are also pretty common. But if you choose wood, make sure it's treated to keep mould and pests at bay. And you'll want to treat the wood regularly to keep it safe and in peak condition for playtime.  

Play Area and Guidelines

You'll want your playground equipment to meet appropriate safety standards. If not, it isn't worth the risk. While letting your kids play, make sure they're wearing the right types of shoes and clothing (no loose laces or hoods!), and toddlers should only play with climbing frames with adult supervision. 


We have a large range of fun and exciting playhouses which are all designed for maximum safety and durability.

Climbing Frames from Trusted Brands

Here at Your Little Monkey, we supply an extensive range of climbing frames with slides and can help you to choose the right one for your family – taking into account available garden space. And, with combinations for all ages, we are confident that you’ll discover the perfect garden swing and slide for your little monkey.

No matter which climbing frame and slide you choose, we always keep children’s requirements and safety at the forefront, selecting only the highest quality products from a range of established brands, including:

  • Action Arundel
  • Blue Rabbit
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Hy-Land
  • Jungle Gym

These brands are all innovators, consistently developing new ideas to both improve safety and enjoyment for little ones. Children's preferences and how they interact with the climbing frames are closely monitored and reflected in the design of new products.

All our climbing frames and slides come with additional configurations and features - such as ladders, climbing walls, swings, double swing, swing seats, nets and platforms.

You’d be surprised how much a classic climbing frame and slide can bring to your family garden. Not only does it encourage children to be active and to spend more time outdoors, it also builds physical and mental strength – helping them to overcome challenges and fears.

A climbing frame is thrilling – but the simple addition of a slide can make it even more enjoyable, giving them all the more reason to climb to the top so they can whizz back down on the slide.

Why Your Little Monkey?

We cannot stress safety enough. And when it comes to safety, the type of equipment you get isn't the only thing that matters. It's also important to get it from the right place. After all, the market is full of people selling sub-par equipment from people who aren't invested in your child's welfare. Make sure you purchase your climbing frame right from the supplier. 

We at Your Little Monkey offer nothing less than top-shelf products from an array of well-known and trusted brands. From Blue Rabbit to Hy-Land, to Cheeky Monkey, Action Arundel, and Jungle Gym, we select our products as if our children were going to play on them. Safety first! Whether your space is bigger or smaller, or you have younger or older children, we have something for everyone. 

Your Little Monkey Price Match Guarantee

What you'll love even more about Your Little Monkey is our competitive pricing. The Your Little Monkey team is fully committed to offering you the safest climbing frames with slides for the most value.

In fact, through our Price Match Guarantee, you can get a refund equivalent to the difference between another retailer's price and ours. Just make sure the product is advertised at a lower price within six months of buying it from us. Getting your refund is even simpler. Email us the link to our competitor's web page that features the same product.  

Our Motivation

Your Little Monkey has a goal to revive a lost tradition—families and friends gathering in the garden for a sunny afternoon. Kids climb frames and whiz down slides, showing off their own brand of acrobatics on the monkey bars. Our founders believe that healthy outdoor play still has a place today, despite the increasing preference for tech over outdoor sports. 

With this dream of bringing back natural joy and play, we've made it our mission to give you the highest quality climbing frames with slides and other playground equipment. These tools can help you create lasting memories with your kids while they're growing up and with the rest of the people you love.  

Taking Home Your Own Climbing Frame

Your Little Monkey knows that outdoor play has a future in your family! Many young children today don't have access to playgrounds, parks, or backyard jungle gyms.

This social and cultural shift is the result of a few factors, including the heightened fear of parents towards unreliable equipment. As a result, children today tend to favour more sedentary lifestyles, at no fault of their own, and physical activities are taking a backseat to TV and computer games.  

But outdoor play equipment is essential to your child's mental and physical development and should be encouraged with the right toys and access to playgrounds. When it comes to outdoor toys, like our climbing frame with slide, the Your Little Monkey team is here and always happy to help.

If you'd like help selecting a garden swing and slide from the collection below, email us today at

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Why Your Little Monkey?

We want to help your little ones to enjoy their childhood as much as we did (long before mobile phones, PlayStations and social media!). So whether it be a garden swing and slide or one of our climbing frames with a slide, we offer something for everyone.

Our climbing frames are available to purchase in various sizes and with different slide lengths, heights, styles and designs to ensure you find a suitable solution for your garden.

If you’d like assistance selecting a garden swing and slide from the collection below, don’t hesitate to email