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Climbing Frames with Slide

Playground classics, like climbing frames and slides, are loved by children of all ages.

Here at Your Little Monkey, we supply an extensive range of climbing frames with slides and can help you to choose the right one for your family – taking into account available garden space. And, with combinations for all ages, we are confident that you’ll discover the perfect garden swing and slide for your little monkey.

No matter which climbing frame and slide you choose, we always keep children’s requirements and safety at the forefront, selecting only the highest quality products from a range of established brands, including:

  • Action Arundel
  • Blue Rabbit
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Hy-Land
  • Jungle Gym

All our climbing frames and slides come with additional configurations and features - such as ladders, climbing walls, swings, nets and platforms.

You’d be surprised how much a climbing frame and slide can bring to your family garden. Not only does it encourage children to be active and to spend more time outdoors, it also builds physical and mental strength – helping them to overcome challenges and fears.

A climbing frame is thrilling – but the simple addition of a slide can make it even more enjoyable, giving them all the more reason to climb to the top so they can whizz back down on the slide.

Why Your Little Monkey?

We want to help your little ones to enjoy their childhood as much as we did (long before mobile phones, PlayStations and social media!). So whether it be a garden swing and slide or one of our climbing frames with a slide, we offer something for everyone.

Our climbing frames are available to purchase in various sizes and with different slide lengths, heights, styles and designs to ensure you find a suitable solution for your garden.

If you’d like assistance selecting a garden swing and slide from the collection below, don’t hesitate to email