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After a top slide and swing set? We've pulled together some of our most popular frames which include both slides and swings so you can find the right one for your little one, the garden and your budget...

The Cheeky Monkey Wooden Slide and Swing Set

Our Top Collection of Slide and Swing Sets Today

Finding a great slide and swing set is a perfect way to encourage you child to play outdoors. Over the years, it has become more and more challenging for parents to get their children to play outside consistently. Scientific Studies (such as this one completed by the Aarhus University in Denmark) show that part of a child's healthy life is getting the right amount of exercise, outdoor activity and more. It helps with physical fitness, as well as clearing the brain and breaking up the daily routine.

Which is why we have brought you the six best outdoor climbing frames with slides and swings below! depending on the price range, there is an option for every family looking for more outdoor fun at home.

#1 Climbing Frame with slide and double swings

#1  Cheeky Monkey Corner Unit - £840

Reasons to BuySpecifications
+ Truly something for every child to enjoy
Material: Wooden
+ Corner unit fits conveniently into most gardensAges 3+
+ 10 Year timber warrantyDimensions (inc. slide): L5.35m  W3.78m  H2.23m

The Cheeky Monkey Corner Unit is a great way to make any garden the talk of the town. With an amazing set of activities all connected to each other, it’s a true mini-playground built for the garden. 

Capable of being tucked in the corner of any garden, the climbing frame includes a large tower, a ladder, a climbing wall, a bridge and a slide, all intertwined. There are also two swings available for use on the side, giving multiple children plenty to do either as a group, or individually. 

The extra touches are what really make this frame stand out. Whether it be the telescope to explore the area or the pirate wheel to allow the imagination to run wild, it provides great, safe entertainment whilst staying under the £1,000 mark.

Second Wooden Climbing Frame set

#2  Cheeky Monkey Mountain Picnic - £690

Reasons to BuySpecifications
+ Perfectly sized, built-in picnic table
Material: Wooden
+ Slide available in 6 different coloursAges 3+
+ 10 Year timber warrantyDimensions (Inc slide): L4.1m  W3.83m  H2.7m

A true complete unit, the company does a great job of maximizing the space used for each frame. It is one of the only options on the market today that maximizes the space underneath the slide and climbing area for a picnic table.

It is a very sturdy solution for parents who want a lot of use out of the climbing frame for years to come. It comes with a 10-year warranty and is relatively easy to install. Very quickly, it has a chance to become a child favorite activity outdoors.

Action Climbing frame - 2 swings

#3  Action Monmouth - (ATJE273) - £899

Reasons to BuySpecifications
+ Medium footprint for numerous activities
Material: Wooden
+ A challenging cargo net for children of all agesAges 3+
+ 10 Year timber warrantyDimensions (inc slide): L4.1m  W4.6m  H3.0m

A child of any age can enjoy so many different activities with this climbing frame from Action Monmouth. With a sturdy staircase leading up to a tower high above the ground, sliding or climbing down is both fun and safe. The bonus feature that so many are excited about is the cargo net for an additional climbing challenge.

This net is challenging enough that any child will get a solid workout in while still having a ton of fun. It’s the most expensive option on this list, but also filled with a ton of features that make it valuable.

1 Slide and 2 swings Frame - Blue Rabbit

#4  Blue Rabbit Deckswing - £499

Reasons to BuySpecifications
+ A perfect and affordable slide + swing set combo
Material: Wooden
+ Slide and tower provide versatilityAges 3+
+ Small and unobtrusivePlatform Height 1.2m

This Deckswing from Blue Rabbit is one of the most affordable slide and swing set combinations. This is one of the sturdiest options available for parents looking to give their children a more unique set up than most backyards.

The climbing frame is very simple, with one swing and a slide attached. Children don’t get the benefit of a full tower at the top of the slide, but it still provides enough height to spark imagination.
NOTE: The frame is purchased without the swings at £480 - we have allowed £20 so the buyer can receive the frame and swing for £500

Smaller outdoor frame - 1 swing

#5 Cheeky Monkey - Monkey Unit - £580

Reasons to BuySpecifications
+ Great value for the number of activities
Material: Wooden
+ Great little climbing rampAges 3+
+ 10 Year timber warrantyDimensions (inc slide) L2.82m  W3.87m  H2.95m

Think of this climbing frame as a condensed version (and cheaper!) of the #1 Corner Unit. There aren’t quite as many bells and whistles to go with the setup, but it’s still a perfect solution that will entertain plenty of kids on their outdoor adventures.

There is only one swing available on the side, and there isn’t a long bridge for kids to run around on. Other than that, there are a lot of similarities. Children can customise their play area as much as they want to truly make it their own. For an affordable price, this option fits into our most popular budget range.

Action Single wooden frame + net

#6  Action Arundel Single Climbing Frame - £679

Reasons to BuySpecifications
+ Great value for the number of activities
Material: Wooden
+ Full length climbing netAges 3+
+ Cheaper than the Monmouth aboveDimensions: Click here

Similar to the above Action Monmouth frame but more compact but with just as many features! 2 swings, 1 slide, a tower and a floor to roof net climb.  The main structure is a primary tower with steps leading up to an overview platform. There's only one way down and that's down the 3 meter wavy slide!

Action climbing frames are also made from PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) sourced wood built in rectangle (rather than circular) for stability (and less splinters!)

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